Code of Ethics

Believing that business standards of a high order are essential to progress, and that they will better qualify us to serve society, we have adopted the following rules of conduct:

  1. CCA members shall take on a professional responsibility with all business functions that are founded on trust, and that every transaction to which any one of us is a party shall be conducted on honour, and that all parties shall profit thereby.
  2. CCA members will scrupulously avoid any action which might prove to be incompatible with the public interest and the best interests of the Construction Industry as a whole.
  3. In addition to CCA members conducting their business as per legislation, CCA members shall accept responsibility for fair and intelligent self government, which will assist in relieving the burdens of regulatory legislation. CCA members shall abide by the principle whereas, without reservation, they will recognize that contracts whether written or oral, should be performed with the same good faith and intent with which the parties entered into the agreement. Any disagreement concerning the intent should be settled by negotiation\arbitration if possible, in preference to legal action.
  4. CCA members should promote fairness in dealing with employees, and be interested in their employees’ well being by establishing sound policies for the education, safety and health of all workers.
  5. The Calgary Construction Association limits membership to only those contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers/suppliers and the allied professional services that have the qualifications of skill, integrity and responsibility.