Gear up and stand up to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). WIC is excited to host their second event of 2018 in efforts to raise funds for MS Society of Canada. Funds are raised to help build a more hopeful future for Canadians living with MS.  Registration now open! More details here. Call YYC Cycle Marda Loop at 403-984-9006! "Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis in the world. Researchers funded by the MS Society are working to find the cause of MS, develop better treatments with fewer side effects, and ultimately cure the disease for everyone who is affected by it. Learn more about the r...more

Software Company Works to support the CCA with Business Growth

Calgary is the home of the entrepreneur. It has the second highest number of small businesses per capita of the major cities in Canada, of which 12 per cent are construction businesses. Recognizing the need to support this booming industry, Jobber, an Alberta-based tech start-up, has partnered with the Calgary Construction Association. They hope to support the industry through educational and networking events throughout the year. Jobber passionate about investing in small-business growth in Calgary and intends to give value to the construction community. To kick-off this partnership, Jobber i...more

An Open Book: New Central Library

The New Central Library (NCL) is already attracting attention from far and wide.The stunning architectural design – intrinsically based upon the encapsulation of the LRT – is an industry coup in itself. The building will undoubtedly stand as a tes-tament and a source of local pride to the city, becoming another landmark architectural icon. But it will also be more than just a symbol; it will be a living, breathing space designed to bridge communities in both a physical and emotional sense – one that, most important perhaps, will be accessible by one and all.  Library lore Today’s libraries hav...more

Execution - The Discipline of Getting Things Done

Recently I have started reading the highly acclaimed book, Execution, written by Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan. The book has a fascinating focus on the execution of goals or more specifically the lack of execution, primarily due to people not knowing how. Many people regard execution as detail work that is beneath the dignity of a leader. People generally are not effective and do not place a premium on getting things done. Most companies have the same core processes; one for people, one for strategy and one for budgeting/operations. When you manage these processes in depth you get healthy res...more

#WomenWednesday - Is it Time for More Women in Construction?

Construction is largely a male dominated industry but big shifts are on the way to break gender stereotypes. Diverse opportunies are now available to women in the Construction Industry and WIC is here to share that message.  WIC (Women in Construction)  was formed in 2012 by a group of female leaders with the goal to raise awareness and promote women in construction. This committee is inspriring positive change to face of the Construction Industry by offering mentorship and networking events.    "According to the Labour Force Survey, the gender breakdown in the Alberta Construction industry in...more
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