Building a Better Canada

Infrastructure Canada: Bill C-344 Bill C-344 and the new framework from Infrastructure Canada calls for the reporting of workforce composition of at least 3 of 9 target groups for projects of a certain size, variable by province.  Our members are concerned that this kind of reporting adds to CCA members’ workload and that they may not have this data on their employees.  There is also concern that next time around, instead of simply reporting on community employment benefits, quotas will be introduced. There are two issues at stake here: The Government’s approach may be against our policy ...more

An Opportunity to Share Why We Love This Industry!

The CGCA’s Annual High School Awards - May 15, 2018 Each year the CGCA provides high school students, nominated by their teachers, the opportunity to tour a project site and receive a gift certificate from the CGCA to help them further their future career into the construction industry. This year, we toured the University of Calgary Mackimmie Library Project being built by Stuart Olson. The students, teachers, and parents had an opportunity to see the demolition phase of the tower project and a 3D model was shown of the finished product, along with details of unique parts of the project. Aft...more

Come One, Come All to Build Calgary !

Build Calgary - Volunteer Appreciation Night A volunteer is a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. Volunteers make pour their hearts and hard work into their communities to make a difference for individuals and organizations in need. Being a volunteer is not an easy task, but so many people do it selflessly. Although it is hard work, many volunteers give their time freely and enthusiastically. And, they do not expect anything in return.  Volunteering is amazing because it truly benefits everyone involved. To honor all of the hardworking volunteers in t...more

#WomenWednesday - Promotion Gender Diversity in Construction

It’s likely that recently you have heard all about women in the workforce.  Females are fighting for equal pay and equal rights in every industry.  According to Hays Canada, women are just as ambitious as men, but 27 percent more likely to be dissatisfied with their career.  This statistic could be attributed to the fact that women, much like their male counterparts, have ambitions to be at the top of the career food chain.  However, these ambitions are going highly unattained due to restrictions across industries. You might be surprised to learn that ambitions of women in the construction ...more


YCL Calgary is hosting Part II of their leadership Series May 24 at Wild Rose Brewery and Tap House! Are you is interested in furthering your careers? Whether you currently view yourself as a leader or not, we will explore why our personal mission, vision, and values are critical as we continue to develop our abilities, no matter where we are on the leadership continuum. We will also discuss the importance of leveraging failures as growth opportunities, and considerations in creating supportive work cultures.   This session, facilitated by Cam Hodgson of Podium Enterprises, will be run as a...more
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