How the YCL is Going to Make 2018 Your Year to Succeed

Hey! Are you under 35 and trying to make your mark in Calgary's construction industry? Then you're gonna want to keep reading. We are the Young Construction Leaders of Calgary and we are your personal motivator & support network for navigating through your career in construction. It is our responsibility to make you the most successful young professional in this industry. We are hoping to provide you with learning resources, relevant industry info, and network opportunities to build confidence and get excited about your career in construction. 2018 is going to be jam packed with site tou...more

Ethics: How Do We Know What is Right or Wrong?

Looking for a good ethical debate? Here are some good questions: 1. A Client offered you a pair of Flames tickets for tonight’s game. What do you do? 2. If your boss gave you credit for a project on which a colleague did most of the work, should you accept the praise? 3. You get to the cash machine to withdraw cash and there is $20 sitting there. What do you do? 4. You’ve awarded a contract to your brother-in-law’s company. Should you disclose the relationship? How do we know what is right or wrong? Ethics is entwined in every decision made throughout the day. It plays into both personal ...more

Improve Your Process and Work Environment with Lean

Look to Lean for fresh inspiration to improve your processes and work environment! Lean is not a verb, it is actually a proper noun. It is a name given to a philosophy, a business system and a methodology by scientists who were studying Toyota back in the 1980’s. It has been adapted for every industry and sector since, and it IS about improving how we create better TOTAL VALUE for ‘the customer’ from every role in our companies, working within a continuous improvement inspired culture. The techniques of Lean focus on waste elimination, which is another way of saying … let’s deal with the stuf...more

What will the CCA be like in 2018?

This is Chris Bardell, your current Chair of the Calgary Construction Association. I am super excited to have been a part of a new energy at our Association this past year and look forward to participating in this upcoming year as Past Chair on the Executive Board. It appears that market conditions are on the upswing in Calgary this year. 2017 ended strong with a couple of major projects underway such as the SW Ring Road, and the Cancer Centre. It appears that 2017 was the start of a turnaround in the construction industry and I think we are all hopeful that the momentum will carry forward in...more

Your Resume: A Movie Trailer, Not a Feature Film

As a long time recruiter, I have seen a wide variety of resume submissions. Some are good, some are great, but most are quickly passed over. There are a variety of reasons for this which we could discuss at length, but we will have to save that for the sequel. The key to a blockbuster resume is keeping it clean, concise and relatable to the role. Think of it like a movie trailer; your resume is what gets managers to watch “your movie”. It shines the spotlight on your career progression, successes, and transferable skills. Intrigue the casting crew (recruiters), get the audition (the interview...more