Construction 101: The Basics..and More!

It’s no surprise that senior industry leaders are beginning to plan their exit from construction. With this loss, not only is it important that our young leaders be ready to take the helm, but that they absorb the vast amounts of knowledge exiting with these professionals. Construction 101 is a course that brings together individuals from across the construction industry, where the stories of senior leaders will inspire others in shaping the outcomes from this nationally recognized course.

Construction 101 may be better defined as a way to build and share valuable knowledge, rather than an introduction to the construction industry as a whole. With attendees spanning a mosaic of demographics and industry experience, students can expect to “gain a better understanding of the whole construction process, from beginning to end" (Lauren, Secure Mechanical & Electrical) giving attendees the glance at “all the areas of the construction field, not just one’s own" (Scott Bateman, Pockar Masonry Ltd.).

Consisting of topics including construction documents, legal matters, and project management, this two-day Gold Seal Certified course is “an important tool in your work belt" (Centron Group of Companies) with a plethora of valuable information. Industry leading professionals are invited to speak, offering real world insight into topics such as bonds, insurance, legal claims and the daily lives of estimators and project managers.

The term 101 proves to be deceivingly aimed towards newcomers in the industry, but “this is an amazing course for those new and veterans of the industry. The understanding of how and what we all do is beneficial to timeliness and completion of projects efficiently and effectively" (Hilary Zorn, Gescan Ltd.).


Sarah Brownlee

Education Coordinator

Calgary Construction Assocation

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