Ethics: How Do We Know What is Right or Wrong?

Looking for a good ethical debate? Here are some good questions:

1. A Client offered you a pair of Flames tickets for tonight’s game. What do you do?

2. If your boss gave you credit for a project on which a colleague did most of the work, should you accept the praise?

3. You get to the cash machine to withdraw cash and there is $20 sitting there. What do you do?

4. You’ve awarded a contract to your brother-in-law’s company. Should you disclose the relationship?

How do we know what is right or wrong? Ethics is entwined in every decision made throughout the day. It plays into both personal and professional lives and is a key component of individual conduct. The "Construction Industry Ethics" course looks at ethics and the impact it has on day to day operations of a company and its employees. As a requirement of the Gold Seal designation, this course exemplifies the need to have individuals whose “commitment, work ethic, and leadership qualities” in the construction industry, who are leaders in their workplaces.

With a business and political background, the concept of ethics and decision making is a daily conversation for me. My extensive volunteering has given me insights of ethics to its roots, and it is a privilege to bring this knowledge and experience to the classroom.

"In the end, being ethical may not be as simple as black and white, but “the truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” – General H. Norman Schwarzkopf


Sarah Brownlee

Education Coordinator

Calgary Construction Assocation

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