#FunFactFriday - NCL Numbers Edition

We have less than a year to the grand opening of the New Central Library in Calgary! We thought it would be fun to share with you a snapshot of what has gone into making this building a reality! So, check out some of these #funfacts below!

1 75-foot-long and 100,000-pound truss component! It’s the largest of the truss components that help hold up the building!

10 minutes, how often our construction webcam was updated on our website!  Now check out the time lapse of exterior construction.

30 meeting rooms available to be reserved for your needs.

446 tables will grace the interior spaces.

465 panels hexagonal panels will grace the exterior of our library!

2,200 chairs (in 17 different categories) are needed to seat patrons of our beautiful library.

125,000 pounds of wood were used to create the wooden archway.

240,000 square feet is what the library will occupy when fully finished.

$21 million dollars has been allocated for the interior furnishings budget.

$245 million dollars is what is designated for this project, to give the community a place to come together and bridge the gap between race, culture, age, and class.


With the end in sight, it will be exciting to see the grand opening later this year!

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