Gold Seal Success Stories - Meet Helen Claridge

Helen is a general project manager with Akela Construction. She handles the tendering, project management and many other tasks for the medium sized general contractor.

Helen took a sandwiched course at Nottingham Trent University in BSc (hons) Construction Management. In her placement year and after she graduated she worked in London, England for ISG plc. She worked in London for 6 years before coming to Canada. “I came to Calgary for a holiday, loved it and 6 months later, I was here on a year’s visa.” Within 5 months she got the position with Akela Construction.

Helen heard about the Gold Seal Certification program from her employer, Chad Johnson, who is also Gold Seal certified. She thought that after only a few years in Canada it would be a bit of a long shot, but she went for it and received her Gold Seal Certification last December. “I wanted to get a better understanding of the industry, so I took PMP and then I wanted to look at further growth ability in Canada which prompted me to get my Gold Seal Certification.”

Helen believes some of the main benefits of having her Gold Seal Certification include growth of knowledge and understanding, a good community to be a part of and that it can assist in asserting her path in construction in Canada. “It’s good for people to go for it. It’s showing an understanding and willingness to learn, because at the end of the day if we just assume we know everything, the industry will go nowhere.” Helen described herself as goal oriented and she believes the Gold Seal Certification program was a great way to provide a focus and another goal for her to achieve.

When asked what she would say to others considering earning their Gold Seal Certification, she replied: “I’d say go for it! It’s 100% worth it.”


Helen applied through the Calgary Construction Association

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