Have You Seen Suits? Well... it's Nothing Like That, It's Even Better!

Have you seen "Suits"? Well...it's nothing like that, it's even better! Before you commence in small claims court it is a good idea to review the entire process and acquire some skills!This seminar running March 21, 2018, will be very interactive so be prepared to speak up!

Participate in a Mock Trial where you will gain hands-on trial experience and learn how to question your opposition. Mock trial participants will be provided with a fact pattern similar to common construction industry related disputes and will then role-play as either a lawyer or witness while the trial unfolds before a "judge".

Avoid making simple errors by preparing, "sometimes people sue the wrong person and, as a result, they lose their case" (Civil, 2018).

Individual—When using an individual or group of individuals, use full first and last names of each person you are suing. Do not use initials, because initials do not sufficiently identify the person being sued.

Business—If you are suing a business, remember that there are two types of businesses: incorporated and unincorporated. The differences between the two are very important. An incorporated business usually has Limited or Ltd. after its name. (The term company does not necessarily refer to an incorporated business). An incorporated business can be sued only in the name of the business. Put the full name of the business on the Civil Claim" (Civil, 2018).


Robert M. Schuett, Barrister & Solicitor

Scuett Law


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