Improve Your Process and Work Environment with Lean

Look to Lean for fresh inspiration to improve your processes and work environment! Lean is not a verb, it is actually a proper noun. It is a name given to a philosophy, a business system and a methodology by scientists who were studying Toyota back in the 1980’s. It has been adapted for every industry and sector since, and it IS about improving how we create better TOTAL VALUE for ‘the customer’ from every role in our companies, working within a continuous improvement inspired culture.

The techniques of Lean focus on waste elimination, which is another way of saying … let’s deal with the stuff that is getting in the way of doing our work better! This, in turn, creates efficiencies and huge gains in productivity … so that we can actually recover the time previously spent on waste activities to refocus on delivering more and better VALUE. It has been said that Lean is universal, it applies to all roles, all companies and across all industries. Because Lean is a mindset first and foremost, this has been systemically proven again and again over the past 20 years. The construction industry has been slowly adopting Lean since the late 90’s, leading first in the U.S.A. with Canada being the 10th country in the globe to launch in fall of 2015. This has spawned transformational thinking in collaborative contracts and project delivery methods, as well it is influencing organizational structure changes and operating models.

To better compliment the Lean Construction movement, this Lean Office course was developed in 2016 to support the roles and processes that run common within our office environments. How much time do you spend searching for information or materials each day … on re-work activities or duplicating tasks? What if there was a way that every role in the office could draw from a new inspiration to reduce this time by any amount? What new VALUE for the company could that provide? Come check out our workshops for new ideas and techniques to try now!


Carla Ciepliski,P Eng.

Ternion Results Inc.

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