Its that time of the month again. Welcome to Member Monday! This is where I spotlight one of our new members from the previous month. As the Director of Business Development, it is my task to take care of our current members, and ensure that our new members are well recognized and taken care of. The CCA is doing great things in 2018 and I want to make sure that our new and current members are aware of the great things that are in store.

I will take this time to introduce The Canadian Remarketing Group. Since joining Stephen Carey has been very involved with the Association, and introducing ways that his organization can assist wit the construction industry. I sat down with Stephen to discus his background and how he will be involved with the Association.

With a background in Account Management and Business Development within fleet for over 20 years Stephen has had the opportunity to assist organizations with their remarketing requirements, global rental needs, fleet leasing and aftermarket up fitting. “Let’s say when it comes to fleet- been there done that” and I look forward to assisting those who have questions about fleet and especially those new to the industry or position within an organization responsible for fleet. Working with industry clients from construction, oil/gas, banking and family owned companies from across Canada I have a true understanding that consulting and treating each client like no other creates a long-lasting relationship and win/win for both parties and I look forward to continuing that process with the members of the CCA. CRG is a vehicle remarketing company, providing our clients with a venue to dispose of retired fleet units and access to used inventory as an alternative to new purchasing.  We offer 2 options for disposal, our weekly online auction format which exposes their vehicles to our North American database of over 8,000 registered buyers ensuring maximum return on your fleet. And secondly, our direct purchase program in which we give our clients an offer to purchase the fleet (individual or bulk units) outright and provide funds all within 48 hours.  Our model allows our clients to concentrate on what they do best, eliminating the need for their fleet or shop manger to play used car salesperson. The services we offer align well with the needs of construction company and trades; we have been in business since 1999 and some of our best customers over the years come from within the construction industry as a result CRG would like to bring awareness to all the members of our service offerings to help with their requirements.

We host an annual stampede function at our facility as well as a weekly tee times that we use for networking with existing and potential clients. We have worked with many local and international construction companies, supplying lightly used work trucks, cargo vans, and cube vans while selling off their retired fleet.  One of the things we consistently find is that the companies old fleet is worth more than most fleet managers realize and can significantly offset the purchase of replacement vehicles. CRG worked closely with several of the companies involved in the West Calgary LRT project allowing them the ability to purchase used short term project vehicles for the duration of the project and sell them once completed. This process helped keep capital costs down and come in under budget on their vehicle and equipment allowance.

With current infrastructure projects in place and increased drilling budgets we are seeing companies increasing their fleet overall. As far as used vehicle pricing, we anticipate another year of strong resale values; primary driven by Canadian dollar as approximately 60% of the vehicles we are currently selling are to US dealers and exporters.

We are looking to work with companies that align well with our process and seek out long term, win-win relationships with all of our clients. CRG is excited to participate and join up with the members through the yearly fundraising and social events that are hosted by the CCA.  We anticipate a busy year in 2018 and welcome the opportunity to assist where volunteering or donating will increase awareness and assist with programs in the Calgary community.

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