Providing Freedom and Individuality with the Tetra Society

The Young Construction Leaders have been implementing initiatives to give a voice to people with disabilities. Our networking efforts have come to fruition in the most amazing way by connecting one of our YCL members to the Tetra Society. 

The Tetra Society provides custom assistive devices to people with disabilities; each device is custom to a client’s specific request. The intention is to make their life easier, independent and more enjoyable. Our YCL member, who would like to remain anonymous, constructed a custom tub bench with an extension that was not available for purchase in Canada. 

The Tetra Society runs on volunteer efforts and it is amazing to see the impact they have made on so many lives! If you would like to hear some more success stories or volunteer your time & building materials please visit the Tetra Society Calgary Chapter website, link below. 


Jessie Bampfield

YCL Membership Coordinator

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