Software Company Works to support the CCA with Business Growth

Calgary is the home of the entrepreneur. It has the second highest number of small businesses per capita of the major cities in Canada, of which 12 per cent are construction businesses.

Recognizing the need to support this booming industry, Jobber, an Alberta-based tech start-up, has partnered with the Calgary Construction Association. They hope to support the industry through educational and networking events throughout the year.

Jobber passionate about investing in small-business growth in Calgary and intends to give value to the construction community. To kick-off this partnership, Jobber is hosting an event for the small-business community on May 10 that will feature keynote speaker, Stanley 'The Dirt Monkey' Genadek, YouTube star and founder of Dirt Monkey University.



CALGARY – April 25, 2018 – Jobber, an Alberta-based software company, has announced its official partner sponsorship of the Calgary Construction Association(CCA) for 2018. To kick off the partnership, Jobber is hosting an event in Calgary on May 10 at Heritage Hall, SAIT, featuring Stanley 'The Dirt Monkey' Genadek,YouTube star and founder of Dirt Monkey University.


“We’re excited to form a partnership with the Calgary Construction Association because we share a commitment to supporting entrepreneurs in the trades and contracting industries,” said Sam Pillar, CEO, Jobber. “Software providers like Jobber traditionally occupy a digital space, but we know the value of hands-on, face-to-face learning opportunities and are thrilled to have the CCA as a partner to bring these opportunities to Calgary entrepreneurs.


Jobber and the CCA will work together to strengthen the construction and small business community in Calgary by providing value through educational and networking events throughout the year.


This partnership is a way to give value to our members for a service that we believe can help them grow their business,” said Rob Cote, Director, Memberships, Calgary Construction Association. A great amount of our membership is made up of small companies, and giving them the tools that they need to succeed is what we pride ourselves on here at the CCA. By bringing in a keynote speaker that has expertise in this area, Jobber is investing in our community. Those are the types of partners we want.”


The launch event will provide CCA members a unique opportunity to listen to a keynote presentation by Stanley Genadek, founder of Dirt Monkey University. Dirt Monkey University is dedicated to the success of businesses in contracting, excavating, landscaping, lawn maintenance, snow plowing, and beyond. They provide education to small and medium business owners on how to effectively grow their business to the next level. Dirt Monkey University’s YouTube channel has more than 142 thousand subscribers.


The CCA has been in the Calgary community for 74 years and brings together both commercial and industrial members of the construction industry to be a unified voice in the industry. They run programs such as: The CCA’s Women in Construction Committee and The Young Construction Leaders. 


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