The #1 Way to Grow Your Business

The construction sector is a great industry to be involved in. They get it when I say the # 1 thing that will rock your business more than anything else you do is how you treat people and build relationships. Not rocket science. However...with a world spinning in a on and offline social reality today, the way to connect and build relationship has changed. It is time to review how you go about building connections and relationships to get an edge in business.

Step 1: Have a System to Connect

With so many different ways to connect both in person and online it is well worth the time to create system of how your team will grow connections. If your business brand (what sets you apart) is important, you want to make sure you train your team in simple “how to” steps. Where do you want them to show up? Is first touch point a call or in person or online? What core message do you want everyone sharing? If you want to grow business or get known in the industry faster, having a company plan that gets people taking systematic and strategic action for impact.

Step 2: Share Connections 

It may seem odd to say this but people don’t talk in person to each other enough today. My suggestion to companies today is to get a water cooler and have people spent 15 minutes a day hanging out. I set up a training grant last year to simply help a team figure out how to effectively share contacts between themselves. Each member of the team had key contacts to companies but were not sharing connections between depts. Imagine closing more deals because a colleagues connects you directly to a decision maker? Instead of working in a silo, find a way to open the lines of communication internally to get in the door faster. Opening up your business network so team members help each other connect speeds up business and makes people feel purposeful.

Step 3: Build Real Relationships Relationships require an investment in getting to know people. This may start out online today but will require aeries of steps including in person interaction to help you establish a know, like, and trust connection. Real relationships take time. Invest in a series of touch points (ways to follow up or interact with people) to get to know them. For example after you meet someone follow up with an e-message, connect with them on linked in, invite them to a industry association event as your guest, or do what no one else does and send them a thank you card in the mail.  Ask people how you can help them. Get to know the person behind the business. When you show up authentically caring about others, business will spin.


About Denise Baril
Denise is the CEO of WSN
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