What will the CCA be like in 2018?

This is Chris Bardell, your current Chair of the Calgary Construction Association. I am super excited to have been a part of a new energy at our Association this past year and look forward to participating in this upcoming year as Past Chair on the Executive Board.

It appears that market conditions are on the upswing in Calgary this year. 2017 ended strong with a couple of major projects underway such as the SW Ring Road, and the Cancer Centre. It appears that 2017 was the start of a turnaround in the construction industry and I think we are all hopeful that the momentum will carry forward into 2018.

2017 was also a turnaround at the CCA with Fabio coming into the picture. I am looking forward to seeing how Fabio will top off the back end of his first year with the CCA. There will be more ‘best in class’ networking events to come. One of our focuses this year will be to join forces with other associations to expand our circle of influence to help improve our industry.

Many of you attended the various networking events since Fabio has joined in the Spring of last year. Most recently the Christmas Social, which brought out many familiar faces, but also some new faces. Not only are these social events great to catch up with familiar faces, and expand on the network, they are also opportunities to get involved with the CCA. There’s nothing better than expanding our network!

The new Executive Board will take over the reins in March of this year at the AGM, and will include two new appointments of Scott Grobel  (MJS Mechanical) as Sr. Vice Chair and Sean Penn (Chandos) as Vice Chair.  Dwayne Wallace (Secure Mechanical & Electrical) will be returning as Vice Chair, and myself will be Past Chair.  I’m very excited to be supporting Bill Black (Allied Projects) as Chair this upcoming year.  He will continue to make a difference within our industry by thinking ‘outside’ the box and if you get the chance to attend his presentation on 'is our industry broken' you will know exactly what I mean.

2018 also brings the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Construction Association to Banff this March.  I was lucky enough to attend the Canadian Construction Association Conference last year in Mexico, which is generally held abroad and only comes back to Canada every 5 years.  This is a highly attended event with participants from all over Canada.  We are in a unique situation where the event is being held in our back door this year, and the Calgary Construction Association is going to be well represented by our members this year!  It will be a great opportunity to for all attendees to talk about how great the Calgary Construction Association is.  Make sure you tell everyone just how we do it in Calgary!

The CCA is looking at 2018 as opportunities to get people involved in our various committees and boards but also looking at opportunities for the CCA to get involved in other associations and committees outside of the CCA umbrella.  We want to expand, and deliver value to the members. 


Chris Bardell

CCA Chair

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