What's up YYC - New Central Library

Physically, the building is impressive in both stature and scale, but what this library’s creation says to the world about our city’s culture is the most important component of this job.

Education is as much a part of Calgary as is the Stampede, and we are the better for it as a community. As evidence, I offer the abundance of higher learning institutions such as the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, Bow Valley College, SAIT and ACAD. These facilities combine to offer any would-be student in our city an endless breadth of options should they choose to improve themselves through study.

This new facility and the learning spaces it creates will resonate knowledge throughout our community for generations. Designed to survive for more than a century, this will be a modern, beautiful, safe, world-class, space for students – formal or otherwise – in which they can freely consume knowledge. The planning, effort, coordination, and execution are all reflective of the project goal and the results are noticeable at first glance. Experts from all around the globe and in all walks of life were sourced specifically for this project. I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to some of them, and they have had the pleasure of answering all my questions about their unique talent and knowledge base (free education is the best education)

The new ideas, tools, and best practices that these global professionals are bringing with them are already popping up on other sites and being implemented for the betterment of our crews and projects. It is ironic that a space being built to educate the masses is already educating and improving our masses (what a wonderful world we exist in).

The interior and exterior spaces have been designed with community and education in mind and balance openness with quiet, private spots for undisturbed independent study. Visually appealing and seemingly endless in length due to the curvature and the visual tricks it plays with your brain, this modern space has a heavy emphasis on the fine details. Every cut line in the architectural concrete lines up perfectly - even those involving multiple curved angles and running long spans. The visual clutter involved with the physical components of building operations have been hidden from sight under raised flooring, freeing the eye to follow the roof details. Every piece of wood reveal has been handpicked, worked, and then installed to exactness. The care being invested by the tradespeople speaks to anyone who has worn tools.

This entire project is exciting because of what it is and because of what it says to the world. I am lucky to have been a part of it, and look forward to telling my grandkids about my small part in the build!


Logan Cross, Project Manager



I love our craft and what I learn from it daily. I like to build things and prefer being covered in sawdust while standing in mud or snow as opposed to the suits, boardrooms, and repetitiveness of office work. Fieldwork is brutally honest and brings out the realness in people. You live and die by your skill and knowledge, and your results make or break your day.

I built, served, and sold my way through a degree at the University of Calgary. After graduating I donned a suit and tie for the worlds of marketing and telecommunications before returning to my
construction roots and opening LCC.

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