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I grew up in Woodbine when Woodbine was the southwest corner of the city and Midnapore was still its own suburb. Bordered by Fish Creek park and farmer’s fields to the south, and the Tsuu T’ina Nation to the West, the neighbourhood was a dream for an insanely energetic, adrenaline seeking, mountain-bike-owning, kid.

I remember when 37th Street SW used to be an absurdly steep hill ending with a sharp left turn to a single lane bridge that ran over an awesome swimming hole (it had a secret deep spot with gentle eddy’s where you could float while slowly spinning in circles). I remember golfing on Buffalo Run, where it always seemed like we were racing against a storm quickly blowing in from the mountains. Mostly, however, I remember watching the sunsets over the mountains.  

An immense amount of effort is being expended by KGL and its army of humans and equipment in an effort to form the fields of my youth into the roads of my future. Some of the largest construction equipment in our city is centralized on these sites and there are multiples of everything. It’s awesome, and due to the sheer size and scale of the project, one can only ever peer in from the outskirts and ponder with amazement at exactly how much dirt 31.7 heaped yards is, as you watch rock truck after rock truck move massive piles of the stuff into position.

That swimming hole and the treacherous bridge above disappeared when the first half of the ring road overpass was put in years ago. The result created a more streamlined link to the ‘deep south’, which I frequently utilize and enjoy. The Buffalo Run Golf Course also succumbed to progress, albeit much more recently, as its fairways were transformed into access roads so that all the new projects being built because of the Ring Road can be completed.

Those farmers’ fields of my youth may have been replaced by progress, jobs, and efficiency, but I am not upset by the changes. Fish Creek will always provide beautiful views and plenty of space to play. Our sunsets are always amazing over the mountains, but now they set over progress instead of golfers. Progress that will, once completed, greatly improve my quality of life through time savings and easier access to family and friends. 

 Kgl Ring Road 22X Bridge 2Kgl Ring Road Foundation Piles

Kgl Ring Road Bridge 3











Logan Cross, Project Manager



I love our craft and what I learn from it daily. I like to build things and prefer being covered in saw dust while standing in mud or snow as opposed to the suits, boardrooms, and repetitiveness of office work. Field work is brutally honest and brings out the realness in people. You live and die by your skill and knowledge, and your results make or break your day.

I built, served, and sold my way through a degree at the University of Calgary. After graduating I donned a suit and tie for the worlds of marketing and telecommunications before returning to my construction roots and opening LCC.

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