This #WomenWednesday doubles as #WineWednesday as WIC hosted their first event of 2018 at J. Webb Wine Merchants with over 100 men and women in attendance! (Stay tuned for their next event May 30 at YYC Cycle at 3PM in efforts to raise funds for MS Society of Canada.)

There is no better way to kick off our #WomenWednesday blog than introducing the one and only Lindsay Scott! Lindsay is the Vice President Account Executive, Construction at Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc. and is WIC's new 2018 Chair.   

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1. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit” – Napoleon Hill


2. What’s the most awkward thing that happens to you on a regular basis?

My high heel shoe will always fall off my right foot; Usually when I am walking super confidently into a meeting.


3 . What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?

“Dance burger boy, dance” – Lorelei Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

“Coffee, coffee, coffee” – Lorelei Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

“Like eat paste, special?” – Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls


4. What’s the last song you sung along to?

Slow Burn – Tim Hicks


5. What life skills are rarely taught but extremely useful?

How to sew, car maintenance, manners


6. Tell me something about your job, besides money, that inspires you to work there?

I am inspired by my clients every day. Their hard work, determination, and creative thinking process keeps me on my toes. I find great joy in helping my clients reach their dreams and goals and am inspired to do better each day by those around me.


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