#WomenWednesday - Promotion Gender Diversity in Construction

It’s likely that recently you have heard all about women in the workforce.  Females are fighting for equal pay and equal rights in every industry.  According to Hays Canada, women are just as ambitious as men, but 27 percent more likely to be dissatisfied with their career.  This statistic could be attributed to the fact that women, much like their male counterparts, have ambitions to be at the top of the career food chain.  However, these ambitions are going highly unattained due to restrictions across industries.

You might be surprised to learn that ambitions of women in the construction industry are no different.  However, women in the construction industry are highly underrepresented.  According to a report released by the Alberta, Canada government the construction industry in Canada is made up of 86% of men and only 13% of women.  Compared to the 46% of women that make up the entire workforce this ratio is low. 

As a result of the recognition of this issue in Canada, the Women in Construction committee was formed in 2012.  Founded by a group of female industry leaders, the goal was to raise awareness and promote women working in construction through networking and mentorship opportunities. With the help of their extensive resources, WIC offers support to women who are currently employed as well as women who are looking for a career.  It is the hope of the group that more women will realize the bountiful career opportunities available in construction and enter into the industry. 

Big shifts are happening all over the world and across all industries in regards to gender diversity.  And, fortunately, thanks to WIC the construction industry is beginning to experience the same thing.  If you are a woman in the construction industry, today is your day! Step out, reach out, and make a change. 


Meet WIC committee Member Cara!

If your job gave you a surprise 3 day paid brake for R & R, what would you do with those 3 days? Head home to Northern Ontario to visit my family or a spontaneous trip somewhere. 

What did you Google last? Lululemon shoe review

What was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now? Owning a Tamagotchi and putting a serious amount of effort into keeping it alive or fighting endlessly with your friends about who was which Spice Girl. 

What’s the best thing that happened to you today? Not tripping over my own feet. I have one foot a full size bigger than the other. 

What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had? (Pictures?) Uneven bangs. My mother used to put scotch tape across them and cut. She never got them straight.   


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