Your Resume: A Movie Trailer, Not a Feature Film

As a long time recruiter, I have seen a wide variety of resume submissions. Some are good, some are great, but most are quickly passed over. There are a variety of reasons for this which we could discuss at length, but we will have to save that for the sequel.

The key to a blockbuster resume is keeping it clean, concise and relatable to the role. Think of it like a movie trailer; your resume is what gets managers to watch “your movie”. It shines the spotlight on your career progression, successes, and transferable skills. Intrigue the casting crew (recruiters), get the audition (the interview) and win the part (land the job).

Here are a few clip ideas for that next trailer; using these may help you go from the black hole of online inboxes to the top of the weekend charts.

• You’re in construction; include a project list or highlights. Managers want to get a quick sense of what you are used to.

• Have dates attached to the companies you worked at, if you don’t, it seems like you are trying to hide something.

• You don’t have to go back 30 years in your job history.

• Try to keep bullet lists between 4 and 6 points per headline.

• We all know you will supply references upon request, no need to state it.


Brad McMorris

Senior Recruiter

Graham Construction


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