Work Experiences

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

What it is: Students earn high school credits and apprenticeship hours concurrently

Who participates: Students in 10,11,12

How to get started: Contact your high school Off-Campus Coordinator or Careers: The Next Genereation

Construction Industry Information R

Careers in Trades, Alberta 

What it covers: Details construction trades: expectations, schooling options, wage expectations



What it covers: Offers information on various career fields

    High School Course Recommendations R Revised

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) Courses (varies for each school)

Dual Credit Courses 

What they are: Allow you to earn high school credits and post secondary credits concurrently. Contact your high school career practitioner for a list of available courses

Skills Canada

What it is: Students participate in competitions related to trades and technology

Who participates: Students in grades 10,11,12

Post Secondary Options R


How it works: Get hired on by a company and then document work hours. Once first year apprenticeship hours are complete, attend SAIT and complete in class hours. 

Trade Secrets - Apprenticeship Information 

What it is: Covers information pertaining to apprenticeships

SAIT Pre-Employment Program

How it works: Attend SAIT before being hired on by a company and complete your first year apprenticeship class room hours

SAIT Pre-Apprenticeship Program

  What it is: Attend SAIT before being hired on by a company and complete your first and second period apprenticeship class room hours