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Newsletter - FEBRUARY 5, 2015

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Calgary Construction Association News 
3rd Annual OAEC Workshop - Register Now!
CCA 70th Annual General Meeting 
Thank you to annual Construction Career Expo Sponsors!
Construction Management Intern Students
CCA Member Scholarships - APPLY TODAY! 
SAIT Construction Project Management Fourth Year Students
The City of Calgary update for Building Permit Applicants
"Getting the Best from Human Capital Series" - Recruitment
2 Day Construction 101 
Canadian Construction Association 97th Annual Conference
Funding available for Training your Employees 
ACA Weekly - February 4, 2015
Canadian Construction Association News
CCA Weekly - February 3, 2015
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Alberta Construction Association News
Canadian Construction Association News


Calgary Construction Association News
3rd Annual OAEC Workshop

The third annual Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors (OAEC) Workshop will take place on Wednesday, February 25, 2015. 

This workshop is structured to bring all industry partners together in a collaborative environment to interactively discuss practical everyday topics of common interest. Often each party does not understand the world that the other lives in, why things are done in a certain manner and the impact of those decisions on others. Open dialogue encourages the industry to collectively find best practices for common issues.

The unique aspect of this workshop is the "How To" roundtable sessions held in the morning and the afternoon. Each of these sessions is designed to engage 8-10 people through a discussion paper on the topic and find solutions with each of the partners providing input. These roundtable sessions are collaborative and interactive; not the typical speaker presentations. 

  • How to Make a Project Successful - from conception to occupancy
  • How to Embrace BIM - a valuable tool from design to facility management 
  • How to Utilize Electronic Technology - embracing its use in procurement and on the construction site 
  • How to be Good Leaders - removing roadblocks through collaboration and trust

Registration Deadline - February 18, 2015


Calgary Construction Association
70th Annual General Meeting

Thursday, March 12, 2015 
4:30 pm - 8:30 pm 
BMO Centre at Stampede Park

Topic: Alberta's Economy 
Under the Current Headwind Situations 
4:45 pm - CCA Annual General Meeting 
     (Palomino A-C)
5:45 pm - Cocktails 
6:30 pm - Dinner (Palomino D-H)  


Thank you to annual Construction Career Expo Sponsors! 

The CCA would like to thank our sponsors to date for the annual Construction Career Expo. These generous contributions help to ensure that the Expo continues to grow and provide youth with valuable information on careers in the industry.

For more information on the expo, please contact Craig Palmer at 403-291-3350 or by email at

Construction Project Management Intern Students

The Calgary Construction Association has been working closely with SAIT's Construction Project Management degree program. The first intake of students are completing their 3rd year in this program and with that have to commence their spring/summer internship (15 weeks).

There are a number of students looking for placements with CCA member firms!

If you are interested in hiring one of these students or wish to receive profiles of these students for review, please contact Ju (403-291-3350 or email They are looking to secure their internships by the end of March.

CCA Member Scholarships - APPLY NOW!

We are now accepting applications for our CCA Member Scholarships. Increased from $1,000 in previous years, this year up to six $2,000 scholarships will be awarded to CCA member employees, part-time employees or dependents. All applicants must be pursuing advanced education in a business or construction related field to be eligible. 

Deadline to Apply: February 13, 2015

Successful applicants will be awarded the scholarships at the CCA's annual general meeting which will take place on March 12, 2015.

SAIT Construction Project Management  Fourth Year Students

Students of SAIT Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management are finishing their fourth and final year, and are now looking for full-time career opportunities beginning May 1, 2015. All graduates will have completed their internship, which provides them with 600 hours of experience.

If you are interested in hiring one of the new SAIT graduate students or wish to receive profiles of these students for review, please contact Ju at 403-291-3350 or email

The City of Calgary update for Building Permit applicants of buildings five storeys or greater in height

When a Building Permit has been issued and a Public Protection Site Safety Plan (PPSSP) is required, a related condition will be noted on the File Manager’s Safety Codes Officer’s Notice. It will state:

The permit applicant is responsible for contacting 311 to request
Pre-Construction Site Safety meeting.

To better serve industry customers seeking to follow up on their PPSSP and the mandatory Pre-Construction Site Safety meeting, The City has built a process in which the Building Permit applicant can contact 311 and request a Pre-Construction Site Safety Meeting. The caller will be asked to provide four pieces of information:
    1) Building Permit number
    2) Site address
    3) Builder representative’s contact name
    4) Builder representative’s daytime phone number

Once the information has been provided, the noted builder’s representative will be contacted by an Inspections & Permit Services (IPS) staff member within one business day. IPS staff will then work with the builder’s representative to coordinate the site safety meeting.

"Getting the Best from Human Capital Series" - Recruitment: Hiring the Right People - February 11

When it comes to talent, you know you need the right people in the right seats to achieve your vision. These so called “A Players” meet the performance standards of the job AND fit the culture of your organization. Having a team of these individuals is of critical importance for the future success of your business.

This 90-minute seminar will provide tools and processes for establishing objective roles scorecards or roles within your organization and the applying a structured interview process to maximize the opportunity to select the best candidates.



2 Day Construction 101 - Putting the Construction Industry "Pieces" Together - February 18 & 19 

Productivity is the Key to Profitability

Entering the construction industry and trying to learn a piece here and a piece there isn’t effective. Now there is a course designed to put the pieces of the construction industry puzzle together. Don’t let the name “101” fool you! The course is attended by new and long time employees who all find value in understanding the “why” in “what” we do.



Canadian Construction Association 97th Annual Conference - March 22-26

CCA's 97th Annual Conference will take place in San Antonio, Texas at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa March 22 - 26, 2015.


Funding available for Training your Employees
Make your application to the Job Grant Program today

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant will reimburse up to two-thirds of the registration fee for training new and existing employees, up to a total of $10,000 per employee. Whether taking one course or a combination of courses, the training must be a minimum of 25 hours and be completed within 52 weeks. Eligible expenses covered include tuition, exam fees, textbooks, and mandatory student fees

Note: The training receipt cannot be dated earlier than the date of your approval letter from the government so it’s important to get your application in before you pay for the course. Applications should be submitted at least 30 days before the start of the training. Applicants cannot apply more than six months in advance of the training start date.

The Gold Seal Program has a requirement of a minimum of 150 hours of training, and managerial courses related to the discipline you are applying for qualify as appropriate training. The Job Grant program will cover Gold Seal training costs and exam fees.

Additionally, all training that CCA offers of 6 hour duration or longer, or is packaged as a series, qualifies for Gold Seal credits. This includes courses such as: Construction 101 (16 hours), Getting the Best from Human Capital Series (6 hours), OAEC Workshop (8 hours), and Design Build Fundamentals (8 hours). Combine these courses E-learning Courses and you have 25 hours to qualify for the Job Grant. Look at other educational offerings and combine together on one application to make your 25 hours!

Support your Job Grant application about the Gold Seal Certification program with the following information: Gold Seal Certification

Alberta Construction Association News

The ACA leads Alberta's construction industry in government advocacy, public relations, industry practices and partnerships, and promotion of a skilled workforce. 

Read this week's ACA News

Canadian Construction Association News
CCA Weekly is an electronic newsletter published each week by the Canadian Construction Association. It contains relevant articles and information for CCA members and those involved in the construction industry. 


February 11 | "Getting the Best from Human Capital Series" - Recruitment: Hiring the Right People 
February 18 & 19 | 2 Day Construction 101 - Putting the Construction Industry "Pieces" Together
February 25 | OAEC "Success Through Collaboration" Workshop 
March 12 | CCA Annual General Meeting 
March 24 | "Getting the Best from Human Capital Series" - Performance: Optimizing your Return on People 
April 14 | "Getting the Best from Human Capitals Series" - Building a Cohesive Leadership Team 
May 6 | "Getting the Best from Human Capitals Series" - Mastering Personal Workflow

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