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Women in Construction Golf Tournament - Register Now
CCA Education Fund Golf Tournament - Thank You Sponsors!
Gold Seal Exam
City to Mandate Regular Maintenance of Buildings with New Bylaw
AWFS Helps Prevents Tragedy in Calgary
Employers  Get the Workers You Need 
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Alberta Construction Association News
ACA Weekly - August 19, 2015 
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Alberta Construction Association News
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The Construction Careers Website

The Calgary Construction Association has launched a new website and video to interest youth in a career in the construction trades. is a website built with youth in mind, which can be accessed on a computer or any mobile device. The site includes a video, which gives insight into the diverse career paths the trades provide, the support provided for those entering the field, and the financial benefits. The development of the video included focus groups with career counselors and high school students to ensure the key messages would resonate with the demographic.

On top of hosting the video, the website has a list of all the construction trades with a short description of each, along with how long an apprenticeship is, and potential earnings. With this information, youth can make a more informed decision about which trade is best suited to their interests. They also have the opportunity to enter their email address to receive more information about the trades, which includes how an apprenticeship works, potential career paths, and how to get into the Youth Employment Program.

A campaign to bring the video to students will begin in the new school year. In the meantime, please share the link through your social media to help spread the word of this new educational source.


The Constructor Magazine

The CCA’s annual publication, The Constructor magazine is underway and will be launched at the CCA Chair’s Tour Breakfast meeting taking place on November 4th, 2015.

If there are any changes to your company’s address or contact information that we should be aware of for the CCA Member directory, please email them to  

There is still time to place an ad in the magazine. If you have any questions or would like to advertise in this first class publication, please contact Robert Bartmanovich at or phone 1-866-794-3728. 


Third Annual Women in Construction Golf Tournament

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Silverwing Links Golf Courses 

Theme - Go Green! 
Live, Think & Build Green

1:00 PM Registration
2:00 PM Shot Gun Tee Off
5:00 PM Dinner

All participants are encouraged to wear green to support the green initiative


CCA Education Fund Golf Tournament - Thank You Sponsors! 

Total Raised To Date $61,500

** SOLD OUT! **

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Carnmoney Golf Club

7:30 AM Registration
9:00 AM Shot Gun Tee Off 

Gold Seal Exam

The deadline for the next Gold Seal Exam is only two weeks away! Those wanting to write their Gold Seal Exam on October 16 must submit their complete applications by September 4. Having your Gold Seal Certification signifies excellence and expertise in the construction industry, and is available for Superintendents, Project Managers, Estimators, Construction Safety Coordinators, and Owners. 
If you’re unsure if you meet the requirements, you can use the Gold Seal Wizard to easily ensure you have the right experience and qualifications. Those short of experience or education are eligible for a Gold Seal Internship, which shows commitment to receiving certification, and can aid in career growth. If you have any questions regarding Gold Seal, you can reach Craig at by phone at 403-291-3350, or email at

City to Mandate Regular Maintenance of Buildings with New Bylaw

On a warm spring day, a downtown office worker dialed 911 after he gazed out his window and noticed something unusual at the occupied office building across the street — a wall of the six-storey structure was arching and bricks were plummeting to the ground. Read more

The Advanced Weather Forecasting System (AWFS) Helps Prevents Tragedy in Calgary

CBC News 
Tragedy struck six years ago, when a toddler was killed by a large piece of metal hurtling down from a highrise construction site in Calgary.
The debris was thrown from the building by high winds. It was the impetus for creating a wind warning system for the city of Calgary that is mandatory for any contractor building higher than five storeys in the downtown or Beltline. Read more

Calgary Herald 
Trampolines have flown through the air, roofs have blown off, and hail has hammered buildings during violent storms around Calgary this summer, but reports of loose construction material sent sailing by sudden wind gusts have been declining. Read more 

Employers Get the Workers You Need

Alberta can now assess the education credentials of people seeking to immigrate to Canada 

International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) is now recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) as a designated education credential assessment service. 

Starting August 6, IQAS will provide international credential assessments for immigration purposes. These assessments are a required component of the Express Entry’s federal skilled workers immigration stream. For other streams in the Express Entry program, these assessments can also be used to gain more points, increasing chances for permanent residency.

As an employer, Alberta’s new assessment service for immigration purposes can: 
  • Help you retain your skilled employees and strengthen your workforce
  • Contribute to your employees' permanent residency application requirements 
  • Ensure your employees' foreign qualifications meet requirements 
To learn more about the new assessment service, visit IQAS.

Construction 101 - Putting the Construction Industry "Pieces" Together - September 9 & 10 

Entering the construction industry and trying to learn a piece here and a piece there isn’t effective. Now there is a course designed to put the pieces of the construction industry puzzle together. Don’t let the name “101” fool you! The course is attended by new and long time employees who all find value in understanding the “why” in “what” we do.



Alberta Construction Association News
The ACA leads Alberta's construction industry in government advocacy, public relations, industry practices and partnerships, and promotion of a skilled workforce. 

ACA Bulletin:  

Wind Detection Equipment Saves Lives

Southern Alberta is often plagued by rapidly developing high speed winds. These winds can cause havoc with construction material on sites. In response to a tragic death of a child from high winds knocking construction equipment off a building in 2009 the City of Calgary in association with the Calgary Construction Association developed the Advanced Weather Forecasting System (AWFS). Read more 

Read this week's ACA News

Canadian Construction Association News
CCA Weekly is an electronic newsletter published each week by the Canadian Construction Association. It contains relevant articles and information for CCA members and those involved in the construction industry. 

CCA Bulletin: 

Conducting Business with the Government? New Document Clarifies Procedures
CCA with the Industrial Security Program has compiled a document that helps you optimize your Designated Organization Screening and Facility Security Clearance. Read more

Riding the Cloud: Adopt New Technologies to Meet Challenges of Shrinking Workforce
Those involved in the architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry face new challenges, including those associated with a dwindling workforce. To counter this development, the Canadian government is following the AEC industry’s broader lead and is investing in new construction technologies that improve designs, address safety issues, and—most importantly—increase project efficiencies to help eliminate rework, construction delays, costly overruns, and any associated litigation. Read more

Read this week's CCA News


August 27 | CCA Education Fund Golf Tournament 
September 9 & 10 | Construction 101 - Putting the Construction Industry "Pieces" Together
September 10 | Women in Construction Golf Tournament 
September 15 | The Tips and Tricks to Creating a Good Construction Schedule
September 22 | Being Highly Effective with Everyday Construction Disputes - AM Session 
September 22 | Being Highly Effective with Everyday Construction Disputes - PM Session
September 30 | "The Execution Imperative: Why Some Companies Thrive in Uncertain Times" 
October 22| Women in Construction Luncheon 
October 27 & 28 | Two Day Accounting for Non-Financial Managers' Seminar
October 29 | Profitable Contracting Seminar
November 4 | CCA Chair's Tour Breakfast Meeting 
November 4 & 5 | BUILDEX Calgary
November 10| "Building a Cohesive Leadership Team" 
December 9 & 10| Construction 101 - Putting the Construction Industry "Pieces" Together

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