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NEWSLETTER - December 23, 2015

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Leads to Calgary Food Bank Donation
Tax Planning Update for 2016
Young Construction Leaders Committee Application
CCA Member Scholarships - Apply Today!
CCA Annual General Meeting Save the Date
CCA December Hours
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CCA Weekly - December 15, 2015
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Alberta Construction Association News
Canadian Construction Association News



Ugly Christmas Sweater Leads to Generous Calgary Food Bank Donation!

Bob Robinson - current CCA director and Past Chair, as well as President and CEO of Westcor Construction - held an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest at Westcor’s annual Christmas Open House.

Who would have guessed Dave Smith, President of the CCA won first prize: a fine bottle of red wine. Following the presentation of the wine, Dave and Bob proceeded to auction the bottle off to raise funds for the Calgary Food Bank which, distributes 210 emergency hampers every day.

Knowing a good cause, the many guests in attendance proceeded to bid frantically. The last and final call was made as the hammer went down, and Doug Mackay of Phoenix Concrete Cutting & Coring out-bid himself with a generous $200 donation.

Under the current economic conditions the food bank is struggling to keep up with demand. At the CCA Christmas open house $295 dollars was donated along with several food hammers. Remember for every $1 dollar donation, the Calgary Food Bank can purchase $5 worth of food. Thank You to the CCA members who so generously donated.

Donations can be made at:

Tax Planning Update for 2016

CCA member firm Hamilton and Rosenthal Chartered Accountants LLP. has published a tax planning update for the new year.

Assuming the Liberal Tax Platform becomes law in 2016, those with taxable income under $125,000 will be unaffected by the Alberta and Federal tax increases. For those individuals with taxable income over $125,000, personal income tax rates will increase slightly in 2015, but significantly in 2016. And for those individuals with taxable income over $200,000, personal income tax rates will increase slightly in 2015 but drastically in 2016.

View the comprehensive update here.

Young Construction Leaders Committee Application

The new Young Construction Leaders Committee (YCLC) is looking for members to serve on the committee. Applications are open to employees of CCA member companies who are 35 years old or younger.

The mandate of the YCLC is to: provide Young Construction Leaders(YCL) with opportunities for mentorship and to strengthen professional relationships; enable the exchange of ideas impacting YCL; and to contribute to educational and social programs for YCL.

Those interested in being a part of the YCLC can fill out this application form.

Deadline to apply is February 12, 2016.

CCA Member Scholarships - Apply Today!
Six $2,000 scholarships per academic year may be awarded to CCA member employees, part-time employees, or dependents. All applications must be pursuing advanced education in a business or construction related field to be eligible.

Deadline to Apply: February 19, 2016.

Successful applicants will be awarded the scholarships at the CCA's Annual General Meeting, which will take place on March 22.

CCA Annual General Meeting Save the Date
The CCA is looking forward to hosting you at our Annual General Meeting on March 22 at WinSport.

Stay tuned for further announcements about the event.

CCA December Hours

The CCA will close at noon on Thursday, December 24, and will remain closed until January 4, 2016. The CCA would like to wish you all a happy holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.

A full calendar of the CCA's December hours can be found here.

The Alberta Government Provides Grant Programs to Employers to Create Jobs

Our government is supporting Alberta businesses help create new jobs by launching two grant programs in 2016.

Job Creation Incentive Program
This program will encourage hiring by providing grants to employers for creating net new employment on or after January 1, 2016. Grants will be worth up to $5,000 for each new job, with a cap of 100 new full-time jobs. Read more
Start date: Spring 2016

Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP)
This program will subsidize wages paid by employers to encourage summer employment opportunities for students. Read more
Start date: Summer 2016

Safety Image of the Week
Gas Under Pressure
May explode if heated, punctured, or dropped.

Alberta Construction Association News
The ACA leads Alberta's construction industry in government advocacy, public relations, industry practices and partnerships, and promotion of a skilled workforce. 

Happy Holidays From The ACA
We here at the Alberta Construction Association would like to wish all our members, friends, and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2015 has been a year of challenge and change for our members. We look forward to 2016 in hope that it will be a year where we continue to build strong ties to all of our members and be an active voice for your concerns. May you have a great season and we look forward to representing you in 2016. >From the staff and board of the Alberta Construction Association. Our office will be closed from December 24 to January 3rd 2016.

Canadian Construction Association News
The Canadian Construction Association would like to wish you all happy holidays!


December 25 - January 3 | CCA Office Closed for Holidays
January 12 | Key Skills and Processes that make a "Super" Superintendent
January 12 & February 4 | Blueprint Reading I - Multiple Day Program 
January 19 | Transitioning Your Company for Success and Ensuring Its Legacy 
January 21 | Driving Accountability throughout the Organization: It starts with the Leadership Team
January 26 & 27 | Two Day Advanced Microsoft Project for Construction
January 28 | Determine if you have a Dispute that is Worthwhile! 
February 4 | Lean Construction Institute-Canada (LCI-C) Forum
February 5 | Quality Construction Documents
February 9 | The Execution Imperative: Why Some Companies Thrive in Uncertain Times
February 24 | OAEC IV "Success Through Collaboration" Workshop
March 1 | The Role of Legal Counsel (AM) 
March 1 | Deciding on the Venue for the Resolution of Disputes (PM) 
March 2 | Talent Succession for Growing Business
March 16 | Working with your Banker to Show you the Money!
March 17 | How to Run Your Own Trial in Provincial Court
March 22 | CCA Annual General Meeting
March 22 & 23 | Construction 101 "Putting the Construction Pieces Together" 
March 31 | Cold Weather Construction
April 5 & 6 | Two Day Accounting for Non-Financial Managers' Seminar
April 5 & 29 | Blueprint Reading II - Multiple Day Program
April 7 | Profitable Contracting Seminar 
April 12 | Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

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