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Calgary Construction Association News
CCA Looks to Enhance Accessibility in Calgary
CCA Member Scholarships - Apply Today!
CCA Members Recognize the ROI in Funding SAIT Polytechnic
CCA's Annual General Meeting - Registration Open
Young Construction Leaders Committee Application
2016 EXPO Sponsors Thank you
City of Calgary Partnering with Industry Symposium
OAEC IV Save the Date
CCA LinkedIn reaches 1000 Followers
Alberta's Short-Term Employment Forecast Reveals Jobs in Demand
CCA Weekly - January 12, 2016
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Alberta Construction Association News
Canadian Construction Association News



CCA Looks to Enhance Accessibility in Calgary

On December 3, representatives from the City,
the construction industry, and non-profit
organizations took to the streets for the
International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
Participants wore earmuffs to block their hearing,
blindfolds to mimic blindness, or were given a
wheelchair to simulate paraplegia.

The goal was to give Calgary’s decision-makers a
first-hand feel of the difficulties disabled people
have navigating the city. Among these
participants was CCA President Dave Smith, who
found himself exploring the downtown core in a
wheelchair, which gave him a new perspective of
how people with disabilities have day-to-day
challenges that mainstream society simply
doesn’t recognize.

CCA Member Scholarships - Apply Today!
Six $2,000 scholarships per academic year may be awarded to CCA member employees, part-time employees, or dependents. All applications must be pursuing advanced education in a business or construction related field to be eligible.

Deadline to Apply: February 19, 2016.

Successful applicants will be awarded the scholarships at the CCA's Annual General Meeting, which will take place on March 22.


CCA Members Recognize the ROI in Funding SAIT Polytechnic

Over the years, the CCA has donated almost $400,000 to SAIT Polytechnic.

CCA’s funding has assisted SAIT in repairing, replacing, and purchasing new equipment for construction related programs. CCA’s latest donation enabled SAIT to repair a vertical band saw (upper and lower guide assembly along with bearings and caps), and purchase an additional turning machine station and 4 foot hand brake.

“Funding our equipment is now at the highest industry standard, has exceeded student expectations, and has built capacity within the shops," says Lucy Landry, SAIT’s Senior Development Officer, Alumni & Development. "This remarkable partnership between CCA and SAIT has transformed the lives of students. The construction industry’s engagement provides a richer, more fulfilling applied education for our students.”

Future plans for SAIT include renovating the Solar Geothermal Lab. Enhancements to the lab will expose the pipe trades to recent trends and innovative ways to heat, cool, and fuel energy efficient buildings.


CCA's 71st Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Markin MacPhail Centre (Winsport)
4:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Keynote Address: 
ATB Economist TODD HIRSCH to address Alberta's bold new path

2015 brought sweeping change to the province. With the new federal and provincial governments comes higher personal and corporate taxes, a royalty review triggering anxiety in the oil patch already facing an oil price slump, an economy wide carbon tax along with a cap on oil sands emissions, the down grade of Alberta's credit and a low Canadian dollar. Is there a need for a change of course? 

While Albertan's face economic uncertainty, well-known and respected economist Todd Hirsch will give insight as to what the future holds for Alberta and Canada. 

With the focus on the future, how long will it be before Alberta will experience once again the optimal working atmosphere? 

Young Construction Leaders Committee

The NEW Young Construction Leaders Committee (YCLC) is looking for members to serve on the committee. Applications are open to employees of CCA member companies who are 35 years or younger.

The mandate of the YCLC is to: provide Young Construction Leaders (YCL) with opportunities for mentorship and to strengthen professional relationships; enable the exchange of ideas impacting YCL; and to contribute to educational and social programs for YCL.

Those interested in being a part of the YCLC can fill out this application form.

Deadline to apply is February 12, 2016.


10th Annual 
April 20, 2016
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

The CCA is excited to be hosting the 10th annual CONSTRUCTION CAREER EXPO. This event will host upwards of 2500 junior and senior high school students to try to their hands at a variety of skilled trade while exhibitors encourage them to build a career in construction. 

The CCA looks forward to welcoming the exhibitors, volunteers and participants who have attended in the past back and welcome any of you who have never attended to come visit this ONE-OF-A-KIND EXPO.

Thank you to the following sponsors who signed up early to sponsor the 2016 EXPO (shown on the left. 

Check out this YouTube video featuring highlights from last year.

2016 Partnering with Industry Symposium
The Partnering with Industry Symposium is a collaboration between The City of Calgary and the Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association. Now 16 years strong, this annual event serves as a venue to bring together The City of Calgary, public partners and local industry to share information on capital program budgets, upcoming projects, emerging trends, and issues.

This event takes place Thursday, January 28, from 7:30 am - 11:30 am. at Calgary's Telus Convention Centre.

More information and registration can be found here.

Save the Date: OAEC IV
The next installment of the annual OAEC Workshop will be held on Wednesday, February 24 at the BMO Centre from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

This workshop is structured to bring all industry partners together in a collaborative environment to interactively discuss practical everyday topics of common interest. Often each party does not understand the world that the other lives in, why things are done in a certain manner, and the impact of those decisions on others. Open dialogue encourages the industry to collectively find best practices for common issues.

This event will consist of four How-To Sessions, which are set in a roundtable environment to foster discussions leading to best practices and solutions. These Sessions will be:

-How to Determine the Right Project Delivery Method for Your Project

-How to be Ethical in the Construction Industry

-How to Attract Youth to be Successors

-How to Build a Team With Different Mindsets and Hats

Stay tuned for more information on this event.

Thank you Followers!
If you are not currently following the CCA on Linked IN and would like to: Click here to follow

Calgary Construction Association Education

Driving Accountability throughout the Organization: It starts with the Leadership Team.
January 21, 7:15 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Mastering personal workflow is a foundational skill set for all employees, but particularly leaders if they are to achieve a culture of accountability. Leaders who don’t have the tools, processes and discipline to manage the deluge of information, priorities decisions and urgencies that arise each day will be unable to function as effective leaders, or to set an example for the organization.

Two Day ADVANCED Microsoft Project for Construction
January 26 - 27, 7:45 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

This workshop has been specifically developed for the Project Manager, Estimator or Site Supervisor who is a user of Microsoft Project software. The course demonstrates and allows you to put into practice advanced features of Microsoft Project to execute streamlined project tracking, management and cost control.


Alberta's Short-Term Employment Forecast Reveals Jobs in Demand

The newly released Short-Term Employment Forecast (STEF) provides a three-year overview of occupations expected to be in demand in Alberta from 2015 - 2017. It examines 467 occupations and ranks them in categories of high, moderately high, medium, and low demand.

Now is the right time to consider strengthening your workforce and plan for future staff shortages. STEF can help you stay ahead of your competition and start looking for the best candidates for your business.

If budget is a challenge, The Government of Alberta supports businesses like yours through grant programs. Learn more and take advantage of the Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) and the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG).

Alberta Construction Association News
The ACA leads Alberta's construction industry in government advocacy, public relations, industry practices and partnerships, and promotion of a skilled workforce. 

Canadian Construction Association News
CCA Weekly is an electronic newsletter published each week by the Canadian Construction Association. It contains relevant articles and information for CCA members and those involved in the construction industry.

Infrastructure Renaissance’ in 2015: Industry
Infrastructure prevailed as one of the key topics on the campaign trail during the 2015 federal election and it also was the top newsmaker this year for the CCA and the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies — Canada. "It was gratifying to see that infrastructure was so high on the political radar," says CCA president Michael Atkinson. "I can remember 15, 20 years ago, where some of us used to sit down and say how can we get infrastructure on the list of agenda topics." Read more


January 21 | Driving Accountability throughout the Organization: It starts with the Leadership Team
January 26 & 27 | Two Day Advanced Microsoft Project for Construction
January 28 | Determine if you have a Dispute that is Worthwhile! 
February 4 | Lean Construction Institute-Canada (LCI-C) Forum
February 4 | Quality Construction Documents - Complimentary Workshop
February 9 | The Execution Imperative: Why Some Companies Thrive in Uncertain Times
February 24 | OAEC IV "Success Through Collaboration" Workshop
March 1 | The Role of Legal Counsel (AM) 
March 1 | Deciding on the Venue for the Resolution of Disputes (PM) 
March 2 | Talent Succession for Growing Businesses
March 16 | Working with your Banker to Show you the Money!
March 17 | How to Run Your Own Trial in Provincial Court
March 22 | CCA's 71st Annual General Meeting
March 22 & 23 | Construction 101 "Putting the Construction Pieces Together" 
March 29 | Transitioning Your Company for Success and Ensuring Its Legacy
March 31 | Cold Weather Construction
April 5 & 6 | Two Day Accounting for Non-Financial Managers' Seminar
April 5 | Blueprint Reading II - Multiple Day Program
April 7 | Profitable Contracting Seminar 
April 12 | Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

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