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Newsletter - July 7, 2016

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Calgary Construction Association News
CCA's 7th Annual Stampede BBQ
CCA Education "Fun" Draiser Golf Tournament 
CPM Scholarship Recipients
The Youth Employment Program - It's a Win Win!
2017 Changes to Gold Seal Certification

CCA Education:
Modelling the Way
Cold Weather Construction

Alberta Construction Association News
ACA Weekly - July 6, 2016
Canadian Construction Association News
CCA Weekly - July 5, 2016
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Alberta Construction Association News
Canadian Construction Association News


Stampede kicks off tomorrow with the Parade, leaving only 5 days until CCA’s 7th annual Stampede BBQ

Burgers & Beer
Live music by "Easy Street"

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016
11:30 am - 2:00 pm

CCA Education "Fun" Draiser 
Golf Tournament


Thursday, August 25th, 2016
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Entry Fee: 
$236.25 ($225.00 + $11.25 GST) per golfer
$945.00 ($900.00 + $45.00 GST) per foursome

Space is limited to 144 players.

Please note that this tournament is reserved for sponsors only.

For more information and registration 

Construction Project Management (CPM) Scholarship

On behalf of SAIT, a big thank you to CCA members for your contribution to the Construction Project Management (CPM) Scholarships. 

"The power of your gift improves student lives and our communities with grads who are equipped to excel in their passions and shape new worlds as originals, entrepreneurs, and community builders"

Donna Lambert, Student Awards Manager, Alumni and Development

The Youth Employment Program, It's a WIN WIN!

The CCA's Youth Employment Program (YEP) has 28 youth that are ready to work for you.

YEP has worked diligently to recruit these eager, motivated and job ready candidates. At this time, YEP asks for CCA member support and assistance in helping place these participants in a three-week work placement with the intent for full time employment. There is no commitment to hire and no fees for YEP’s services.

CCA currently has youth interested in the following trades:

  * Electrical                * Painting
  * Plumbing                * Glazing
  * Welding                  * Roofing
  * Carpentry               * Sprinkler Fitting
  * Concrete Finishing

Make a difference in a young person’s life. It’s a “WIN WIN”! 

For your next hire, please contact Toni, CCA's Youth Employment Coordinator today!

Phone: 403-291-3350 Email:

2017 Changes to Gold Seal Certification

New Mandatory Education

All Gold Seal applicants will have to take the Construction Industry Ethics 101 course (both online and *classroom portions). Gold Seal has allocated a total of 3 credits to this course (2 for the online portion and 1 for the classroom portion). 

*Please note, the classroom component will be available at your local construction association in the Fall.

New GSI Application Fee

Applicants who register as Gold Seal Interns will only pay a $100 registration fee. Once approved to challenge the exam the Gold Seal Intern will then pay the $500 application fee to write.

OAEC Education

Modelling the Way: A Practical Course for Impacting Leadership


Friday, September 16, 2016
7:30 AM - 4 PM

Members: $299 plus GST
Buyers of Construction Services, Architects, Engineers: $299 plus GST
Non Members: $449 plus GST

CCA Education

Cold Weather Construction: 
Are You Planning Properly?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
7:45 AM - 3:30 PM

The course will utilize team building exercises to create a Winter Construction Plan - a valuable take away tool!

Member: $275 plus GST
Non Member: $410 plus GST

For more information and registration 

Alberta Construction Association News

ACA Creates Silica Guidelines

Alberta’s construction industry has a statutory obligation to minimize harm to their workers from occupational exposure to crystalline silica and related products, with a statutory occupational exposure limit of .025 grams per cubic metre air per 8 hour working day.
The Alberta Construction Association has developed the attached documents for your use. While these practices are not mandatory, they provide guidance to assist members in assessing and minimizing exposure to site specific silica hazards. The Association strongly urges your firm to make use of these documents and work to achieve best practices to safeguard your employees and achieve regulatory compliance.

Canadian Construction Association News
If You Have Not Adopted Lean, Here’s The Reason You Will

Someone who has never heard of “lean construction” would be right to think “lean” means reduced waste, higher productivity, and better profitability. Those benefits alone would be great reasons to adopt the practice, but if you are not practicing lean construction, those reasons probably won’t be the ones that make you take the leap and learn how to do it. When you do adopt lean practices, you’ll likely do it to remain competitive. Because construction companies practicing lean report its greatest benefit is to win them business. Read more

New Research Sheds Light on Productivity and Competency

This article summarizes two studies on productivity and competency. One study found that management and trade workers view productivity factors differently, particularly in relation to crew experience, training, and co-operation; fairness of work assignments and treatment by foremen; frequency of accidents; stringency of safety rules; availability of drawings and specifications, required hand tools and quality of materials; and frequency of rework. Researchers also found that tool time is not a good predicator of labour productivity; however, improving tool time while simultaneously improving factors and practices impacting productivity can yield significant improvements of up to 1.5 times better productivity. The second study found that significant improvements in project KPIs could be realized by increasing the level of maturity of a functional competency or level of agreement of a behavioural competency; when simultaneous improvements in multiple competencies were made, the improvements in KPIs were even more significant. Read more

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