2018 CCA Executive Election

            Why You Should Vote in the Upcoming Election (Bribed or Not!)

           When George Washington ran for president of the United States in 1758 he spent the entirety of his campaign budget on liquor. Considering the fact that he won, it is a proven (although possibly frowned upon) way to get votes.

 And while we are not encouraging you to either give or accept bribes, the importance of you voting deserved a somewhat catchy opening paragraph. Although we might not get rewarded in the form of a drink at the polls, we still greatly benefit from voting, especially in the Executive Election coming up for the Calgary Construction Association on November 1st through the 30th.

 We want you to vote! 

 So, what are the benefits of voting not just for this election but for every future election?


  •  Your voice is heard: We are a society that likes to complain. But have you noticed the complainers of the world would rather hear themselves talk than to actually act civically and vote. So shut their voices down and make your voice heard loud and clear through the act of voting.


  • Representation: The more people that vote means the association is better represented.


  • You can be a game changer: Many times voting is the only way to transform how governments, unions and associations work. With your vote you can aid in being the change that is needed.


  • Because you are better at voting than your neighbors: Not only do we have a higher voting record but we are better at choosing who to vote for. Any woman would choose a date with Justin Trudeau over Donald Trump.


  • Your life depends on it: Just kidding. You don’t have to vote...but you should. Voting is a right that is too often taken for granted.


Have we convinced you of the importance of voting yet? If we did then get excited to vote and choose the Vice-Chair candidate that best represents not only your ideals, but the mission of the Calgary Construction Association.